New resources available from 19th July 2010 are

  • Shopping Around: Supermarket Car Parks
  • Shopping Around: Attracting The Customer

Resources have beendeveloped throughout the lifetime of the project (April 2007 - March 2010) with final refinements likely to be early June 2010. 

The structure of the resources matches the 12 priority work/industry sectors in Yorkshire and Humberside. Resources for each sector will include activities that relate to the industrial or work related aspects of the context. The key characteristic of all the resources is that they link real and significant mathematical thinking with authentic real world applications.

Resources are freely available, however some are only available to registered users of this website. To access the resources you will need to follow our simple login procedure which enables us to monitor the level of useage. Click the 'Register here' button on the right hand side to register with this website.

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